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Tips on pipes. If you have a split pipe, instead of draining down the whole system you can buy 'pipe freeze'.  It comes with a jacket that you wrap around the pipe and you spray something very cold into it and it freezes the pipe for about 30-40 mins. Saving time and money.


Blocked sinks. If you are trying to unblock a blocked sink, cover up the overflow holes with a damp cloth. This helps build up the pressure


Toilets. If you think that your toilet might be leaking slightly, check to see if the problem is not due to condensation before calling out a plumber. If you have condensation problems they can be solved by improved ventilation when bathing or showering.


Showers. If the water pressure is very poor in your shower it may be due to lime-scale build up. Always clean your shower heads every three months. If the scale is too bad it may be an idea to get either a new hose, or a new shower head.













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